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Model Use Services


Our model use services put 4 ADRS South African economic models in your hands. These web-based, user-friendly models are available to help you and your team design possible policy scenarios and simulate impacts at different levels. The results you obtain will enable you to analyse your findings speedily and efficiently.

The South African models allow users to design policy scenarios, and to analyse impacts on macro-economic policy, trade and industrial policy and tax and expenditure policies. They are best suited to developing coordinated macro, industrial, poverty and distribution policies to help you map your development trajectory.

The models allow for accurate and appropriate policy making, and can be used to check how and discover to what extent policies will be effective before they are implemented.

South African Tax and Transfer Simulation Model (SATTSIM)

  • This is a microsimulation model of tax and transfers in South Africa. It enables you to design direct anti-poverty tax and transfer policies within a specific time frame. read more »
  • Augmented South African Tax and Transfer Simulation Model (SATTSIM-Plus)

    • This microsimulation model is an augmented version of SATTSIM. It allows you to make a quantitative assessment of the poverty, income distribution and social welfare costs of diverse macroeconomic scenarios. read more »

    Macro-econometric Model of South Africa (MEMSA)

    • This model captures the complex inter-linkages that exist between and within industrial sectors of the economy, macroeconomic variables, policy variables, and the various protagonists in the economy (e.g. government, labour, and business). read more »

    Dynamically Integrated Macro and Micro Stimulation Model of South Africa (DIMMSIM-SA)

    • TThis is a powerful tool that allows users to design an integrated policy mix — combining macro, sectoral, tax and welfare policy components in one design. read more »