ADRS Web-based User-Friendly Economic Models

ADRS has built four economic models of South Africa. These include a micro-simulation model, a macro-econometric model and two linked macro-micro economic models. These web-based, user-friendly models are available so that you and your team can design possible policy scenarios and simulate their various impacts.

Model use services

  • Our model use services put 4 ADRS economic models developed for South Africa in your hands.

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  • Power point presentations of ADRS models provide you with general and technical information about the models. read more »


This short video gives a brief introduction to the ADRS models.

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This longer video is a full scale tutorial on the ADRS system.

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Subscriptions can be bought online. Read more »

Archive of ADRS model updates

As new versions of the ADRS models are loaded onto this website, ADRS members will receive e-mail alerts to inform them of new additions or changes to the models. New information about the models is chronologically archived for your review. read more »