This model captures the complex inter-linkages that exist between and within industrial sectors of the economy, macroeconomic variables, policy variables and the various protagonists in the economy (e.g. government, labour, and business).

MEMSA is most suitable for designing and simulating the impacts of alternative fiscal, monetary and industrial policies, as well as policies that affect private businesses, government and household incomes and expenditures.

For a presentation on the structure and features of MEMSA, please visit show me.

More about MEMSA

Who is MEMSA designed for?
Policy analysts in national or provincial government departments, research or academic institutions.
What is MEMSA's research and policy focus?
Measuring impacts of macroeconomic and sector policies. Measuring impacts of current or alternative income tax, value-added tax and social security systems on macroeconomic variables during the next 10 years.
What is the forecast period for MEMSA?
A simulation period of between 1 and 10 years.
What kind of output does MEMSA generate?
A summary output screen presents impacts of your scenarios on key macroeconomic variables and on poverty and inequality. Also the view output page allows you to choose and view tables and graphs related to individual macroeconomic and sector variables or related to the budgetary, poverty and distribution impacts of your scenarios.
How current is MEMSA model?
The model is kept fully up-to-date.
What are the sources of MEMSA's data?
Reserve Bank time series data, and Statistics South Africa's sectoral time series data.
What technical capacity does MEMSA require?
Good access to the Internet and an e-mail address.
What kind of support is available for MEMSA?
The model pages include useful instruction and information on how to design and run your scenarios. On-line and on-site training are also available. Read More »
How do I learn to use MEMSA?
The website version of model is user-friendly, with a mix of design, instruction and information to help you learn to navigate quickly. Users have access to the discussion forum. Or you may contact us directly. ADRS also offers on-line or on-site training to you and your team. Read More »
How do I subscribe to MEMSA?
You need to take few simple steps, which are provided at Buy a subscription.
What does it cost to subscribe to MEMSA?
Please visit Buy a subscription for details. If you have further questions, please visit our help page or contact us for more information.