Capacity Building

The ADRS capacity building programme is based on years of direct experience building economic models and making them accessible through a user-friendly web-platform. This innovative approach allows ADRS to transfer skills in economic modelling through interactive presentations and hands-on practice using our online economic models. This approach also enables ADRS to teach the highly technical subject of economic modelling to a wide range of users who have various levels of exposure to economics.

Users are provided with real-world hands-on practical training on how to use economic models to design policy scenarios, simulate their impact and translate policy scenarios into implementable policies.

Since the early 2000s, ADRS has provided nearly 100 training workshops for South African officials and researchers and their counterparts in various parts of the world. Our instructors always include in-depth training on how a particular ADRS model is built, including the economics behind the model, its data requirements, the statistical techniques used and how the model’s projections are derived. Prior to using any ADRS model, a required key competency for learners is their ability to demonstrate a clear understanding of the construction and effective use of the model(s) they plan to deploy.

For more information on ADRS capacity building programme and our 10-track economic modelling certificate programme, please Contact Us.