ADRS provides a full range of economic modelling, policy research, capacity building and advisory services. Our services are flexible and can be customized to the needs of individual and group clients.

We offer our clients intelligent insight through a range of services. Our core services include expertise in Economic Modeling to help clients use our models, build their own, or improve their internal economic modeling capabilities. Our Research unit, grounded in solid macroeconomic foundations and high-level quantitative analysis, can address complex and cross-cutting development issues. Our Advisory Services are based on economic modeling, high level quantitative analysis and evidence-based policy design and are utilized in a vast number of critical areas. We share our modeling expertise with others through Training that focuses on operational realities and practical application, enabling learners to harness the power of evidence-based policy design, intelligent foresight and improved economic decision-making.

Economic Modeling: ADRS has more than 60 online models available to users. They were built to provide critical foresight into policy choices to help improve economic decision-making, policy design and improved outcomes. Their ability to capture the inner workings of a country’s economy in a reliable, accessible and easy to use web-based platform puts users in the driver’s seat to design their country specific scenarios, test them for their likely impact, and thereby design smarter policy. In addition to the many country models we have built, we also help our clients build or improve their economic models. We provide expert advice on model building, state-of-the-art functionalities and creating a smooth web interface. We help clients formulate scenarios that capture their development challenges and also help them with scenario analysis. We are here to help clients meet their specific goals.

Research: Research is complemented by the scenario building capabilities of the modelling tools. Research can thus be exponentially enhanced.

Advisory Services: We work with governments, business, researchers, scholars and civil society to anticipate and assess the impact of policy choices on growth, poverty, income distribution, environment, and other areas of critical concern.

Training: ADRS provides training for the full suite of models so that you can be sure the capability and ouput is at its fullest potential due to able bodied and competent modellers.